Signed, Sealed, and...Homeless?

Where did June and July go? The first big update I posted on the blog stated our house was on the market. Well, we got a contract 2 days later! 

We've had a very busy summer with Caleb and Levi both playing soccer, traveling, getting kids caught up with immunizations,  prepping for a garage sale, packing up and moving out of our house, and just being a family of 6 in general. 

An update on our fundraising. We have approximately another $23,000 to raise to cover our one-time/moving expenses. Our moving expenses budget includes items such as, airfare & luggage (instead of shipping a big container), language school, and a used SUV.  

Cheryl & I traveled to Nashville early in June as a well-connected friend offered to host a fundraising dinner for us, however the day before the dinner we found out it was not going to happen after all.  We were very discouraged because we were expecting this dinner to raise the significant portion of our one-time costs. Our friend helped connect us with some other potential donors and we have been reaching out to them. 

On June 21 we had a big garage sale and and raised $2,000! It was a long week of prep but it paid off well.

As I mentioned earlier we sold our house and closed everything yesterday July 18.  So if we still haven't raised enough money to leave for Tanzania and sold our house you may be asking yourself the question "Where are you going to live?" 

Cheryl and the boys moved to Florida on Thursday and I will stay with some super-awesome friends and keep working until we raise more support and we finish all remaining doctor appointments (which may be extended  now that Isaac fractured his left arm). 

Please keep us in your prayers over the next several weeks as we truly begin living in a transitional stage leaving our house and being living separated for a while. I also ask for your help. If you can think of anyone that may be interested in supporting us with one-time or regular support, please let me know. We are anxious to move and start our new journey in Geita.