Great Story

Its has been a few weeks since my last update and I will be posting a big update for you later this week  (Here's a preview...we sold our house!)

In the meantime I wanted to share a really great story with you.  A couple of weeks ago after a challenging few days, I got an email regarding support for Neema House from someone I've never met or talked to before.  It was from a father in Iowa.  Apparently his 3 girls heard about Neema House at VBS and immediately started in a venture to raise money to support the kids there!  They love making jewelry and bracelets using a "Rainbow Loom" (as a father of 4 boys, I trust this is a real thing) and starting selling some online.  

Today I got an email from the father again and he said they have raised $200!! They are really enjoying their project and are looking forward to more orders.  You can check them out at Bands for Neema House