First Update

We have had some visitors to the website and I thought it would be a good idea to give people an update on our status.  Currently we are planning on moving to Geita in August.  We do not have a firm date yet as there still are several things that need to happen first.  

Our house has been on the market for 4 weeks now and we are scheduled to have an open house on Sunday (unless someone makes a legit offer before then).  We have had some great feedback on showings, but then they disappear.  it is challenging and stressful to keep a house with 4 boys spotless ALL THE TIME (this is more on Cheryl given that I am at work most of the day).

We are also making progress on other items toward our move such as multiple doctor appointments for all of us (lot of shots are needed for us - yay!!), dental appointments, eye exams, finalizing homeschool curriculum, etc. There are probably so, so many things included in that "etc." it makes my head explode a little.  

We also need to raise more funds for our one-time expenses for several things such as our vehicle (used SUV from teammates), language school for Cheryl, Caleb, Levi, and I, airfare, visa, more etc.  As of now, we have received commitments for monthly support from a few churches and individuals.  We are scheduled to have a fundraiser in Nashville in a couple of weeks and we hope this will help us get closer to our goal.

We ask that you pray for all the logistics to go smoothly and for us to get the last wave of commitments for monthly support.  We have been living in a transition period for the last several weeks, what I like to call the "messy middle".  We are in between our lives here in Texas and our new lives in Tanzania.  We are anxious to start our time in Geita and hope that God will bless the timeline we have established.  If you have any questions about our proposed work or specifics about our budget, please contact me at